Small Business Marketing In a Week: Teach Yourself

Small Business Marketing
  • ISBN: 9781444184044
  • Publication date: April 2013
  • RRP: £6.99
  • Format: PB
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Extent: 128 pp
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Learn in a week, what the experts in marketing learn in a lifetime.

Sunday – Understand the principles that will clearly identify where your business is currently and what needs to be done

Monday – Ensure you are sowing the right seeds to attract the right type of customers with your existing marketing strategies

Tuesday – Discover how to keep your customers longer and improve your conversion rates

Wednesday – Increase customer loyalty and frequency of purchase by integrating your customers into your business

Thursday – Increase the value of your sales with effective, efficient systems and processes to drive down wastage

Friday – Grow your business by attracting new clients and building stronger relationships

Saturday – Manage your marketing activities to improve the return on your investment for the future

The Author(s)

John Sealey

John Sealey is more than just your typical marketing consultant, as he has a knack of knowing what works and what doesn’t. He’s also quite possibly one of the best business enhancement specialists, to help an enterprise to attract, win and keep more customers, better customers with the least amount of effort.

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