Hilton Catt

Pat Scudamore and Hilton Catt are both from backgrounds in HR management.

In 1988, feeling the need for fresh challenges, they left their jobs in manufacturing to set up their own business. At first they ran workshops and seminars while at the same time continuing to do work for their former employer on an outsourced basis. As skills shortages started to kick in during the 1990s, they branched out into recruitment and it was this experience which led to their first book, ‘Solving Skills Shortages’ published in 1997. Since then they have written a number of books based on their experience of what it takes to make careers work in today’s rapidly changing and uncertain world. They were among the first to embrace the idea of people taking on the job of managing their own careers as opposed to leaving it to employers to do the thinking for them. They have seen for themselves the richness and diversity modern careers can offer and exploiting this richness and diversity to the full is one of the recurring themes in their work. They see writing books as the best way of spreading their messages to the greatest number of people and, for this reason, plan to write more.

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Books by Hilton Catt in this series

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