Dena Michelli

Dena is an independent executive coach, group facilitator and workshop leader with a wide range of leadership development experience and expertise. During her career she has created and facilitated management development and leadership programmes in organisational and academic settings.

In addition to spending the past nine years in this arena, Dena has formalised her research interests and holds an MSc in evaluating the impact of development programmes and a PhD that resulted in the identification of a process that informs and guides people through personal and professional transitions. Her career has ranged from working in industry as a mechanical engineer through Business Development for London Business School, to working as a senior consultant and coach in the management of talent.  She travels extensively and works with her clients in a variety of geographical and organisational cultures. She has published several books and articles on personal effectiveness and communication skills and has run workshops and contributed to broadcasts on this topic. Her latest book, A Matter of Choice: a companion for making every day or life changing choices, (co-authored with a colleague) was published in the spring of 2011 by Marshall Cavendish. In her spare time, Dena likes to make stained glass windows in the medieval style and is now studying for an MA in Architectural Glass. This is a creative outlet that complements the more cerebral work that she undertakes in commerce and industry.


Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
A: Make your choices according to your highest aspiration. Someone has to succeed and there’s no reason why it can’t be you!

Q: What is the most underrated skill in business?
A: Listening.  When you REALLY listen, you can tune into people and situations in a real way and communicate more effectively.  You will also learn new things and remember information that you might otherwise forget

Q: What is your top tip for success?
A: Don’t give up.  Keep going.  If you focus your energy on what you want to achieve, it is almost inevitable that you will do so

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