Christine Harvey

Christine Harvey was born in the US and spent 23 years in Europe. She has served in many leadership positions on two continents, including Chair of the London Chamber of Commerce West Section in the UK, the first woman elected to that position, and Chair of the Sunbelt World Trade Assoc in the USA.

She is the best-selling author of six books and has the rare distinction of being published in 28 languages with over 40 foreign editions. These include Successful Selling in a Week, Successful People Skills in a Week,  Your Pursuit of Profit, The Christine Harvey System of Public Speaking and Leadership Building, Can a Girl Run for President? and Secrets of the World's Top Sales Performers, which alone has sold over 150,000 copies. She has trained thousands of people to motivate their teams, and to sell their products, services and ideas more effectively. She is a sales, motivation and leadership trainer to the US military, and corporations worldwide. From salespeople to politicians - from Europe to America to Asia - people have mastered the secrets of propelling their careers and their companies forward.   As an international keynote speaker and consultant, Christine has addressed audiences and companies in 20 countries. As an award winning sales executive, she has applied her sales expertise to starting three companies, plus hosting, producing and appearing on television and radio on three continents. Her other interests vary widely, including real estate investment and interior design, which she applies to her properties. She has assisted with micro lending for the women of Rwanda, and started the Most Promising Young Businesswoman Award in the UK. She is an avid world traveler, combining career, family, friends, and leisure in a routine way.


Q: What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
A: You can’t be all things to all people. Don’t try to be. It makes you shallow. Instead, concentrate on your strengths, and be the best you can be. That makes you rise to the top.

Q: What is the most underrated skill in business?
A: Selling and motivating people! Many people who start businesses think that the product is all important. Or they spend years trying to develop the perfect mousetrap. As the Chairman of Sony once said, “Ideas are a dime a dozen. The important thing is to act on it.” And in order to act on it successfully, you must be able to sell successfully and motivate the team around you!

Q: What is your top tip for success?
A: Go for it – whatever that is - a job promotion or starting your own business. The worst thing that can happen if you fail, is that you go back to your old job, or a similar one. And most important, you won’t die with the dream in you! Instead, you can look back and know that you did everything possible with your skill and talent

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