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In an economic recession unemployment tends to go up and naturally there are fewer jobs available. In times like this it is necessary to take all the necessary steps to make sure that you go for the most suitable jobs for you as an individual, get selected for interview, then succeed in that interview.

1. Whatever your circumstances, direct your feelings and emotions towards problem-solving behaviour. Avoid self-criticism and the criticism of previous employers.

2. Your CV or résumé is a sales document. Its aim is to get you selected for interview. You are selling yourself.

3. Be honest about yourself. What are your strengths with reference to the jobs you are going for and what are your weaknesses?

4. Be proactive, use networking, apply for jobs in companies you would like to work for but are not yet advertising. Scan newspapers, the internet, magazines etc.

5. Be careful, if not fastidious, about application forms, letters of application and your CV etc.

6. Remain motivated. Do not expect instant success, especially in times of high unemployment.

7. Always research the background of your prospective employer. The more you know about them, the more your CV will impress and the more you can impress the interviewers.

Taken from Finding you Next Job In a Week by Peter Maskrey and Geoff Ribbens. ISBN 9781444178913, RRP £6.99

Posted on: January 21, 2013

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